AEA COLLECTION hand makes each piece of jewelry with great care using fine materials.  However, all materials and designs can be damaged so we ask you take special care with your item.  Please follow our care instructions and we are happy to receive any questions or concerns at: info@aeacollection.com

  • Please avoid hand soaps, lotions or any other products (chemical or natural based). They will sit on your piece causing scratches and decrease the luster.  

  • Please remove your jewelry when doing any prolonged manual labor, sleeping, or exposure to water.

  • Please store your jewelry in the AEA COLLECTION jewelry box to avoid any scratches due to them wearing on each other. 

  • Items with prong settings can become loosened over time through natural wear causing your stone to move.  If you notice this, please email us to arrange a repair. 

  • To maintain your item's shine, light use of a jewelry polishing cloth is recommended.

All reasonable repairs up to one year are done free of charge, this does not include damages due to negligence on the wearer's behalf.  After one year, we review each item on a case by case basis.  We want you to be happy with your piece so will do everything we can to make sure your AEA COLLECTION purchase is lasting.